We’re back! Welcome home to Roost

And we’re back in the room. Phew, that was a longer than intended break! Over the summer we decided to take a bit of time off from the site to focus on our families, our other work commitments and life in general. During that time one of the team (Anna) had a beautiful baby girl, and the rest of us had a chance to take a breath and have a real think about what we want from this site as we move…

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Brand watch

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

Taps - Kitchen Taps Roost

When it comes to designing your new kitchen, the sink and taps are often overlooked in terms of functionality and aesthetics. However, if they can really make the workflow of your kitchen super-efficient, when you consider the features that are available. Something that every busy family home is after these days.…

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Home hacks

How To Keep Your Kitchen The Heart Of The Home

Industrial workspace

The kitchen is the place many of us will spend the most time. It’s where we go to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a social hub where many of us will congregate at house parties and get togethers and where we sit down with our families to catch up on the days. With so much action every single day, kitchens can get extremely messy and worn down. Appliances, for instance, are used every single day, more so with larger…

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Home tours ROOST TOURS

ROOST TOURS – Styling a Small Home Office

Small home office

If you didn’t already know, I have spent the best part of 3 years trying to renovate our forever home.  One of the absolute musts when we were house hunting was to find a somewhere that had an office.  Now I don’t just mean that I wanted an additional bedroom that I could dual purpose… I wanted a space that could only really be an office.  We hit jackpot when we found our current home.  Just off the kitchen was…

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