5 Ideas for a Quick Spring Home Refresh

Broste Vase Anet | Scandinavian Shop

Broste Vase Anet | Scandinavian Shop


OK, so we accept parts of the UK have been experiencing snow recently, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little bit excited about the arrival of spring, right? I mean, c’mon, it is March after all.

There’s something about this time of year that makes lots of us want to breath a big old sigh of sparkle into our homes and give it a new lease of life for the new season. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, here are some ideas to bring a quick and easy spring refresh to your home – think of it like an extra fresh Trebor mouth mint for your house.

1.Plant life

Plants will add an instant feeling of freshness and give a room a “finished feel”. Trust us. If you’re not a green-fingered type then try investing in a succulent that won’t need as much TLC as some other types of house plant. We love Urban Jungle Bloggers for some plant styling inspiration.

2. Colour

Sometimes you just need to add a touch of colour to a room to bring it alive. If you’ve already got some strong colour looks going on in your home how about swapping around the accent colours for a quick spring refresh? You can do this in the form of new cushions, throws, a couple of new decorative accessories or – if you’re feeling bold and energetic – a quick new paint job.

Image Credit: B&Q Colours

Image Credit: B&Q Colours

3. Art

It doesn’t have to be a full-on gallery wall, although hands up, we do like those. But investing in a new piece of statement art can instantly change the entire feel of a room.

4. A home craft project

There’s something about the lighter evenings and longer days which inspires my creative side to get crafty at this time of year. A home craft project can bring a huge sense of satisfaction, especially if it’s something you’ve actually wanted to buy in the first place. Roost’s resident craft guru, Victoria, shares an inspirational crafting project with us every Wednesday, so if that’s your bag be sure to come back this week. Check out the ROOST MAKES pages for more of Victoria’s home craft loveliness.


Victoria’s Easy DIY Clay Pots

5. A quick re-style

Sometimes all a space needs is a new bit of styling, whether that’s a rearrange of your shelf (or “shelfie”) or an entire overhaul of your furniture layout. You don’t always need to add to a space to give it a new look – taking stuff away can have just as profound an impact.


Have you got any spring updates planned for your home this month? We love a nosy – if you’re on Instagram tag us with #MyRoost so we can take a look!


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    Plants and flowers do bring life to any room without taking up too much space. Urban jungle bloggers do have some great ideas

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