5 Quick Desk Updates

Wafer desk by Loaf

CREDIT: Desk by Loaf

Got a new home office? Maybe you’ve finally got your own desk in the corner of your bedroom? Or perhaps you’re carving out a mini home work space on the landing. Whatever your desk situation, here are 5 quick desk updates to turn your home work space into a thing of motivational, creative beauty. (For further reading check out Victoria’s great post on 10 ways to make a stylish workspace on a tight budget.)

1. Create a wall organisation zone

Home Office Desk

It could be a group of clipboards (like I have above my desk, pictured above), a peg board, a chalk board or a homemade wire noticeboard. Whatever you choose to put up, make sure you have somewhere you can pin notes for deadlines, ongoing work projects, magazine cut-outs or whatever it is that usually clutters up your desk. This will create a sense of organised chaos and keep your desk clear for actual work.

2. Invest in a desk tidy

Giant Thimble Tidies - Gold & Silver

CREDIT: Giant Thimble Tidies, £10, Red Candy

It might seem a bit old school, but you’d be surprised how often you still use a pen and paper these days. Avoid losing your pens and keep your work space clear with a simple desk tidy. It can also be an opportunity to add a dash of colour and personality to your workspace.

3. Put up some art

Cottage Print

Cottage print, £60, In-Spaces

It doesn’t have to be a kitsch cottage print. It could be a motivational typography print, a selection of your favourite holiday postcards, a much-loved photo or a colourful piece of abstract art. You get my drift. Art makes spaces personal and can be the difference between a desk that is bare and unloved and a workspace you actually want to work in.

4. Decorate with plants

CREDIT: MiaFleur

CREDIT: MiaFleur

Like art, plants can make a space really feel like home. If you’re not naturally green-fingered then try a succulent, spider plant or cactus. And if you don’t trust yourself to keep even those fairly low maintenance plants alive then go for a faux option – there are plenty of incredibly realistic ones around.

5. Have a throw to hand

Throw in home office

There’s something incredibly comforting and cosy about being able to wrap yourself up in something warm when it’s cold outside. I keep a throw / scarf on my chair at my desk at home (pictured above) and often use it if it’s chilly outside. For me, being able to enjoy the comforts of home is one of the big bonuses of working from home!

Here are some of my favourite desk update purchases that I’ve found online. These are all from independent brands and you can shop the edit below directly from this post. There’s no extra cost of buying from us, it just means you get to discover brands you might not otherwise have heard of!

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  • Reply Kara October 9, 2016 at 7:59 am

    I have just relinquished my work space but still have my little bureau. I think I shall have to take some of these tips.
    I agree about organisation, its key.

    • Reply Molly October 11, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      It really is isn’t it? So easy to let a work space turn into a busy desk of doom though – I find keeping things organised helps me to stay on top of deadlines. x

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