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6 Stylish Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork

Gallery Wall at Ginger Lilly Tea

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.gingerlillytea.com/

It can’t just be me who experiences that slight sinking feeling every time the kids return from nursery or school clutching their latest cute little creation. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the artwork they’ve made. As a family of art lovers (my grandma was an artist and my aunt still is an artist) I’m a firm advocate of the importance of creativity and art in a child’s life. However, I don’t necessarily want that art taking over every available spare millimetre of space in my home. Sorry kids.

So when it comes to being a good mum and encouraging this creativity, but also avoiding my home looking like a children’s TV set, it’s all about balance. I need to be selective about the pieces of art that I keep, and find a stylish way to display said art that will please my (often rather picky) interiors eye.

Here are some ideas I’ve found in my search for stylish ways to display kids’ artwork…

1.Brightly coloured frames

Brightly coloured frames kids art gallery wall

We have this selection of mismatched, brightly coloured frames in our family room. They add a splash of colour to a plain wall as well as stamping the kid-friendly theme in the room. This is probably the room we use most as a family,Β  so it’s only fair that it reflects the little people in the house too. I love the new IKEA Fiskbo frames for a pop of turquoise or pink.

2. A simple art wall

Gingerlilly Tea Gallery Wall

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.gingerlillytea.com/

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, as this pretty art wall featured over at Gingerlillytea goes to show. The beauty of this wall is that it requires no faffing about with frames, plus the kids can add to it themselves, giving them a sense of ownership over their own art.

3. One large frame

Kids wall art large picture frame

If you have a large picture frame that you no longer use then why not repurpose it for some cute kids’ art? This one hangs in my daughter’s bedroom and she loves the fact it’s full of pictures she made herself. We painted the frame in Annie Sloan chalk paint (Emperor’s Silk) to give it a bold red edge.

4. Clipboards

clipboard art

I have three clipboards fixed above my desk in my home office and love the fact I can use them to keep on top of my To Do list, attach things to motivate and inspire me, and then change over for a fresh sheet of paper just as easily. The idea works just as well for kids’ art. Using clipboards to display artwork means the art can be switched around every time your kids return home with a new masterpiece (every day then!).

5. Washing lines

Kids wall art DIY frame

A washing line (complete with washi tape pegs, natch) is another simple way to display kids’ art if you want to be able to change it around quickly with minimal faffing. We made this frame to house photos in our hallway, but I’ve repurposed it here to show you how it can be used to display children’s artwork just as easily.

Another idea I came across on Pinterest is to use the IKEA Dignitet curtain wire as a washing line for kids’ art. A really great IKEA hack and quicker than making your own washing DIY washing line frame!

6. Wall magnets

Displaying children's art with metal wall magnets

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.ababyonboard.com

Wall magnets are a quick and easy way to get art up on the walls without ruining the wallpaper or causing any peeling paint damage. It’s also a fun solution to getting the kids involved in creating their own mini gallery of art and can be changed whenever you want without removing frames or getting messy. Head over to A Baby On Board to find out how wall magnets could help you in your quest for a stylish kids’ art display.


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Stylish ways to display kids' art


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