5 Ways to Inject Colour without Redecorating

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We love monochrome here at Roost. But you know what else we love? COLOUR!

As much as my eye is drawn to stylish monochrome interiors full of clean lines and lacking in clutter, when it comes to my own home I’m all about the colour. I just can’t help myself. If you’re also a colour lover then this post is for you. Maybe you love colour but you just don’t have the time or inclination to redecorate an entire room. And let’s face it, when kids are around redecoration isn’t easy. Everything takes twice as long, huh?

So if you’re looking for a quick fix in the colour department and want to update a room without getting out the paintbrush then here are some ideas…

1. Cushions

I make no secret of the fact I’m a huge fan of the cushion. There’s no quicker way to bring a revamp to a space than switching around the cushions. They can turn a tired sofa into a new seating zone of glory. Honest.

2. Wall art

Fancy a feature wall without the wallpaper? Then wall art is your friend. Create a gallery wall full of beautiful prints and Ta Da! You’ve got yourself a whole new look. Or you could just invest in one colourful print and bring a hit of hue that will turn a neglected wall into one that screams style.

3. Throws

Like the cushion, throws can add a splash of colour in the simplest of ways. A gorgeous throw on a bed, sofa or occasional chair will bring a touch of luxury and love to an area in your home that you never knew was lacking until you’ve added it.

4. Rugs

It’s easy to overlook flooring. I mean, it just gets walked all over and (when little people are around) used as a place to store toys and toast crumbs. But add a rug to a plain carpet and you’ve got yourself a hit of colour that can anchor a palette or create a “zone” in a room and help to separate the space.

5. Accessories

Back in the day, shelves were all about storing useful things like books and kitchenware. These days, however, shelves can be put up simply to showcase a selection of colourful decorative accessories. Like the feature wall, a set of shelves styled up with some pretty vases, glassware, plants, candles – or all of the above – can really bring a room to life.

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