Kids’ Animal Themed Storage

Kids' Animal Storage

I’ve recently updated my little boy’s bedroom from a very sullen-looking nursery (that’s what happens when you buy a doer-upper with a baby unfortunately) into an almost-four year-old’s dream.

My son is a huge animal fanatic. So we’ve got toy animals, stuffed animals and animal books bursting from the seams of the house. Or so it feels like! So it made sense that this was the theme we chose for his bedroom. I wanted to create a space that made his face light-up for the first time when he saw it. And thankfully it did.

I also wanted it to be his own special space and a place where he could retreat, especially as his baby sister is due any day now. I know having a quiet place just for him will be important when she is inconsolable.

Now, one of the issues we had was storage. We live in a dormer bungalow, which means we have a lot of downstairs space, but upstairs is smaller due to being built within the eaves of the house. This means that, while there is lots of space to play downstairs, we have to be smarter with space upstairs and really think about where we can store things.

So here are a few ways that we have made the most of the space in his bedroom, so he can play, and put things away and keep them safe. Plus, these storage ideas are all pretty cute too!

Wall Tidies

This wall tidy from H&M is unfortunately sold out (no!), but it’s narrow design, multiple pockets and flexibility means it can be hung almost anywhere and can be used to store everything from books, toys, clothes and nappies. And you can find wall tidies like these in lots of different places, for just a few pounds too. We’d recommend trying Amazon, eBay and even Etsy. They would also be extremely easy to craft yourself too.

Kids' Animal Storage box

Storage Boxes

We’ve all seen these familiar cube storage boxes – that fit perfectly with the IKEA Kallax units. Shopping around for fun designs is worth it – especially when you stumble across ones like this Elephant Storage Box from H&M, which is great value too. I use this to store bits and bobs in my son’s bedroom, that I need to put away when I have more time.

Paper Bags

You are probably wondering how a paper bag could possibly survive a child but, trust me, we’ve had this Bear Paper Bag for a few months now and it’s still going strong. It’s made up of several thick layers of paper, with a gorgeous bear design that fits my animal-mad son’s bedroom perfectly. We use this to store the bane of all parents’ lives – cuddly toys. And it does an amazing job. It’s also incredibly unique and as my almost-four year-old puts it: “Wow Mama, that is so cool!”

Kids' Animal Storage Zebra box

Storage Bins

When I say the words ‘storage bin’, it doesn’t exactly sound inspiring I admit, but there are some gorgeous storage bags and bins available that make hiding away children’s toys that bit more easier. I think storage is the way to making your house look a hell of lot tidier than it actually is, and these animal storage bins by 3 Sprouts, from Dotty Hippo, are absolutely perfect.

They are large, well-made, have a waterproof lining and they look the part. They have a great balance of child-like charm and something that a parent can approve of too. We have the zebra one and Bill, my son, adores it. The best thing about these is that there are no heavy lids or hinges, where little fingers can get trapped, and you might actually find your little one is happy to tidy things away themselves. It’s certainly worked for us.

So those are our choices, with an animal-heavy theme. Storage is, for me, my biggest Pinterest home hack. Not only does it teach littles to tidy up, but you can find items that are perfect for your room or theme, and that’s a hell of a lot better than bright plastic piled everywhere, or the dreaded piece of Lego underfoot. *winces*

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  • Reply Kara April 18, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    There is something so perfect about animal storage, we ahve a few similar bits in the younger 2 bedroom.
    His room is looking lovely Charlotte xx

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