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BEFORE AND AFTER: DIY Kitchen Makeover for Under £350

DIY kitchen makeover

Have you got an aesthetically challenged kitchen but a financially challenged bank account? Yeah, me too. Our kitchen was beyond outdated. Fitted in the laminate loving days of 1993, it featured dark blue glass fronted cabinets covered in sticky-back laminate with dodgy Moroccan themed tiles and a faux Tudor latticed interior window. ALL the fancy.

We knew the kitchen makeover would be a big job, so we put it off and then put it off some more. We got a few quotes in for a new kitchen but the best price we found (around £6k with installation) was beyond our budget at the time and we were sure we could make the same cosmetic changes for a fraction of the price, buying ourselves some time to really save for the kitchen of our dreams.

This is what we were dealing with…

Kitchen DIY makeover BEFORE

Kitchen cupboards

Kitchen makeover reveal BEFORE

Kitchen makeover BEFORE Roost

We had major storage issues, major light issues and major clutter issues. Because the cupboards were glass-fronted “display” style cabinets, we didn’t feel we could use them to house things like tins of beans and half-empty packets of pasta. So all the food got shoved into the larder, while the large and bulky casserole dishes, plates and pretty much everything else was crammed into the cupboards.

Cooking was a pain because I’d have to empty every single cupboard before I found just the pan I was looking for, and we often over-spent on our weekly shopping by accidentally purchasing duplicate things we already had at the back of our over-stuffed larder. Not ideal.

Meanwhile, the light-sapping tiles did nothing for the space, and neither did that interior window teasing us with the potential of open-plan living, yet leaving us far from the reality of a sociable cooking space.

Here’s what we have now…

Kitchen after ROOST 4

Kitchen after Roost 6

Kitchen after Roost 1

Kitchen AFTER Roost

We used the Ronseal 6 year anti-mould paint to re-paint the walls, before stripping the cupboards of laminate, removing the glass and replacing with MDF. We then painted the cupboards in Ronseal’s cupboard paint and then covered the tiles in the Ronseal tile paint too.

Removing the window and building a breakfast bar by the open space made a huge difference to the light and airy feel of the room – it’s now very much a part of the rest of the downstairs of the house.

You can see the full process of the transformation and how we actually put the changes in place in this vlog I’ve made of the project…

And if you’re interested in finding out more about the products featured in the space then head on over to my family lifestyle blog where I’ve done a full blog post with a product index at the end.

Here’s the post detailing inspiration and product crushes I had while we were in the planning process.

And, finally, a big thanks to Ronseal for working with us on this project. For more information about how we work with brands, head on over to our Advertising page.

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A DIY kitchen makeover for under £350


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