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ROOST TOUR: A Colourful and Creative Family Home

There’s something so inviting about a home filled with unique, handmade items, and the home of blogger Clare Mansell of Maybush Studio is no exception.

Clare’s home is bright and colourful, with her handmade quilts taking centre stage. Read on to find out what inspires Clare when it comes to interiors and why her home is a reflection of a creative family life.

colourful and crafty family home

“We live in a New England style house in Sussex, which was originally a small bungalow,” says Clare. “The main part of the downstairs is 100 years old but it has been extended and refurbished over the years. We did the most recent work adding a first floor three years ago. I live here with my husband Jim, our two children Theo and Alice and our dogs Macy and Bella.”

“My favourite room in the house is the sun room [pictured above]. It’s a space between the sitting room and kitchen. It’s small, cosy and has a full length window which lets loads of light and warmth in.”

Colourful and crafty family home homemade quilts Colourful creative family home

A keen quilter, Clare’s creations can be found in all of the rooms of her home. They add a welcoming touch and a vibrant splash of colour and pattern. It’s a great example of how textiles can immediately bring texture and personality to a space.

“I make modern quilts and there isn’t a single room in the house that doesn’t have one of my quilts in it… even the kitchen!” says Clare. “In the sitting room we have a quilt ladder (an orchard ladder used to display quilts) and my son likes to choose one from it to snuggle up in front of the TV. I also work regularly with a paint company which has given me a wonderful excuse to customise lots of our furniture.”

Colourful and crafty family home quilts

“It’s no joke that our house is the home that Pinterest built!” laughs Clare (you can follow her here). “When we did the plans for the renovation three years ago, I did a board for the architect and you can directly compare images on that with corners of our home now. I still look on Pinterest every week – particularly if I’m refurbishing something and want ideas. The next project is a chest of drawers for our bedroom and I’ve already collected a whole bunch of ideas on my “makeovers and upcycling” board.”

Colourful and crafty living room

Like many of us, Clare admits to being swayed by interiors trends, but says she’s taken a new approach recently which has made for a more authentic home. “I know that when we decorated this house I was guilty of trying to comply with trends or styles, when really we should be embracing our own unique style. Last year we had our varnished door repainted. It was varnished because that’s what people told me I should do, but I always wanted it painted. When I finally embraced that decision it felt great. Now, I’m adding colour in all sorts of places just because I want to. I think it’s important to follow your gut instincts, not the pack.”

Colourful creative family home kids bedroom

Giving the home such a unique and inviting feel is the fact that so much of the family’s furniture has a story behind it. “Most of our furniture has been round the world with us,” explains Clare. “One of my favourite things is a chest we have in the hall which my parents bought for our holiday home in Spain about 30 years ago. It lived in Cornwall for a few years before it ended up here.”


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A colourful and creative family home in Sussex, UK.


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