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When it comes to designing your new kitchen, the sink and taps are often overlooked in terms of functionality and aesthetics. However, if they can really make the workflow of your kitchen super-efficient, when you consider the features that are available. Something that every busy family home is after these days.

Kitchen taps these days offer a manner of functionality. We are all typically familiar with the pull down taps, but did you know you can now have the functionality of boiling, chilled and even sparkling water straight from your kitchen tap? I know I didn’t.

The Grohe Blue chilled and sparkling water filter system delivers filtered, chilled and sparkling water direct to your kitchen tap.

This in itself is revolutionary, freeing up the need for kettles, bottles of sparkling water and no need to compromise an inbuilt fridge for a freestanding one with a water dispenser, because now you have it on tap (quite literally!). Every minimalist dreams of a clutter free worktop and now it is truly possible.

If you need instant kettle hot water, then save yourself the effort and time with the Grohe Red system. Instant filtered kettle hot water on tap to deal with tea making, boiling pasta or cooking vegetables. All with a child safety lock, so you don’t have to worry about regular use of the tap.

Of course style is not compromised with a brand like Grohe, who design kitchen taps to suit traditional and modern tastes.

If you are still looking for additional functionality, you can opt for adjustable height taps, for those taller pots and pans. You can ever opt for built in sensors with your kitchen tap, allowing you to operating the tap with a simple touch of your wrist on the tap or foot under the kitchen unit. Stopping the spread of germs when you are handling raw meat in the kitchen.

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