Five Easy Ways to Garden in Small Spaces

Often the most difficult space of all to decorate, garden can be perplexing, confusing and difficult to manage. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent sized area, then the sky’s the limit, but otherwise it can be hard to know what to do if you have a small garden. Today, I’ve got five great tips on getting started with your small garden; anything from a patio to a balcony, or even just a windowsill – if there’s light, you can almost certainly get growing. You’ll be picking tomatoes for tea in no time!

1. Do your research

Whenever you’re starting a new project, it pays to do your homework first – especially with gardening. Spend some time reading up on the plants you want to grow, and check out books and columns from leading horticulturists (Alys Fowler and Monty Don are both easy to read and lay out facts clearly and simply). It’s also important to get to know your garden or space. Find out where the sun hits, and where it never touches – some plants actually thrive in shade, so don’t despair if you don’t get a lot of rays!

small garden - gardening in small spaces


2. Buy your seeds wisely

You can buy seeds from almost anywhere these days. No longer limited to garden centres and DIY stores, you can simply pop them in the trolley with your weekly grocery shop. The best plants are grown from the best seeds though, so it makes sense to spend more time choosing them – brands such as Mr Fothergills and Suttons are widely available and also budget friendly. If you’re looking online, Real Seeds and Higgledy Garden are both brilliant – I’ve had really good success with everything I’ve bought from both places.

How to garden in small spaces

3. Choose great compost

The one good thing about growing in small spaces is that you don’t have to deal with bad soil. Planting straight into a pot means you can easily control the conditions; you won’t have any of the clay, stones or debris to deal with, and you’ll be able to sow your seeds straight into a tub of beautifully nourished soil. Grow bags are a great option for anyone starting out, and Compost Direct do a brilliant one especially designed for fruit and veg. As well as having enough nutrients for the first six weeks, it’s also peat-reduced, completely organic and made from sustainable British-sourced material. If you’re growing in a pot, consider starting with a good compost base, and then adding in a fertiliser or soil improver; blood and bone meal, horse manure and chicken manure are all brilliant, and plants love them!

4. Head upwards

Balconies, patios and window boxes are all limited on space, but this can easily be doubled by simply growing upwards instead of outwards. Stacking plant pots on shelves, using tiered pots and even storing plants on stepladders are all great ways of increasing your growing area – the website Vertical Veg is a really fantastic resource for anyone with limited space, and IKEA stock a great range of greenhouses, pots, frames and storage ideal for balconies and patios.

How to create a small garden - plant display ideas


5. Be creative with pots

If you’ve only got a small space to grow in, making the most of your pots and containers is a great idea. Plant pots are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you’re bound to find something to suit your style. If you’re into all things rustic then you can’t beat a good quality ceramic or stoneware pot available from most DIY stores and garden centres, and vintage pots are great for adding a bit of pattern – check out charity shops and car boot sales for hidden gems. Fans of bright colours and modern shapes will love the garden range from Homebase – think metallic edging, geometric patterns and jewel tones.

Gardening in small spaces - cool cactus

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5 tips for gardening in small spaces

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