Five Ways to Get the Modern Boho Look


Boho style has been around forever, but it’s moved on a bit from lava lamps and beaded curtains – these days it’s all about simple wooden flooring, geometric prints and plants, plants, plants. Today we’ve got five top tips on how to get the modern boho look in your home.

1. Keep calm with neutrals

The boho look can be tricky. It centres mainly around certain prints and patterns, and you can easily end up with a room that looks way too busy and confusing to the eye. Keeping walls, bedding and floors in neutral shades will help to tone things down and let your prints whisper rather than shout!

2. Mix it up with some prints

Prints are the key to getting the boho look right. Choose from colourful weavings, monochrome geometrics and traditional kilim patterns to add interest to your room, and mix up the colours with soft, muted greys, mustard yellows, teal blue and even the odd dash of pink.

3. Focus on natural materials

This style is all about keeping things natural, and being at one with the earth.Strip and sand the floorboards, add in lots of wooden furniture and accessories, and opt for plenty of wicker and bamboo baskets.

4. Add some plants

It’s a fact – you can’t have a boho style room without a few (hundred!) plants popping up here and there. If you’ve got the room, opt for a large Swiss Cheese plant kept in a woven basket, or if your space is a little on the small side add smaller ferns, succulents and cacti to shelves or macramé hangers. Alternatively, create a “living wall” by using a metal grid and pots with hook or lip attachments.


5. Keep accessories eye-catching

You can really go to town with accessories for this look. Cover walls in woven wall-hangings, garlands made of feathers and fringing, or nature finds displayed in glass frames, and add several geometric baskets for handy storage. Textiles can be bright and colourful, with complimentary prints and patterns, and the faux sheepskin rug is definitely at home in a boho style room!


  1. Orinoco Rocking Chair, Amara
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  3. Triangle Hanging Planter, Urban Outfitters
  4. Kara Kilim Rug, Urban Outfitters
  5. Clusia Potted Plant, IKEA
  6. Jaipur Lantern, Day Birger at Mikkelson at Amara, similar here
  7. Black Oak Scented Candle by L.A Bruket at Amara
  8. Areca Palm, IKEA
  9. Woven Basket, IKEA
  10. Terrarium, Homesense
  11. Printed Linen Cushion, Zara Home


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