Four Steps to a Helluva Hallway

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It’s often the most over-looked space in the house but is, arguably, one of the most important. OK, so you might not spend all your time hanging out in the hallway at home, but it’s the first thing visitors will see when you open the door. A happy hallway can instantly make a home feel inviting and give you that “Aaaaaah” moment when you get back from a trip away or long day at home.

Here are four steps to that hooray hallway moment.

1. Invest in amazing flooring

Never overlook the power of the floor. Statement tiles or beautiful sanded floorboards won’t just look pretty – they’re practical too. Never again will you find yourself trying to scrub off muddy buggy wheel marks off the carpet with Vanish, for example.

These tiles pictured below from Alhambra Home (£86 per square metre) have a distinct Eastern vibe to them which is oh-so-on-trend at the moment. If your budget won’t stretch to these beauties then the Arte Moroccan Tile at Tons of Tiles could be a great alternative and is a more purse-friendly £25.28 per square metre.

Alhambra tiles

2. Make a statement with colour

It’s easy to assume that the most narrow space in your house needs to be painted in a light and bright shade, to open it out and make it feel airy. But there’s a lot to be said for getting creative with colour and experimenting with a deep and moody shade all over – even on your woodwork. The hallway pictured below is painted in Railings by Farrow & Ball. The dark shade gives it a real luxe and inviting feel, setting the tone for the rest of the house from the outset.

Railings Hallway ROOST

3. Get organised

The hallway can fast become the dumping ground of the home and, let’s face it, when you’ve got kids that dumping ground has the potential to be even more full. School book bags, wellies, buggies and all the rest of the paraphernalia that comes with busy family life can clog up an inviting entrance like nothing else – I mean, where else are you meant to keep all this stuff?!

The hallway is a passing-through place and I’m not suggesting you sacrifice your living room for the sake of a tidy hallway, but with a little creativity and organisation it is possible to make the hallway work a bit harder. Adding extra coat hooks, for example, can avoid the problem of an over-stuffed coat area. If you’ve got the space then think about a shoe rack by the front door, or a welly rack on the wall by the door mat. These little practical additions can make all the difference.

Organised hallway - ROOST

IMAGE CREDIT: Farrow & Ball

4. Create a cosy nook

If you’re lucky enough to have a large and open hallway then why not celebrate the fact? This is your chance to turn your hallway into an extra room in the house with a cosy reading nook or quiet corner. Plus, that armchair could prove a very useful resting place while you’re waiting for the kids to finally get their school shoes on and get out of the door!

IMAGE CREDIT: Farrow & Ball

IMAGE CREDIT: Farrow & Ball

And here’s a handy shoppable edit, with some of our favourite hallway-friendly picks:

If you’re looking for more hallway inspiration then our board on Pinterest might prove useful…

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