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IKEA HACK: a Bedroom Shelf Makeover

IKEA hack shelf makeover

Anyone with young kids knows what it’s like trying to get ready in the morning. In my house my mornings were spent trying to stop my toddler climb on my dressing table and my five year old stealthily sneaking my make-up into her bedroom. So we decided to ditch the dressing table altogether and replace it with some shelves. Step forward the IKEA hack – a bedroom shelf makeover.

This is what we had before the shelves were put up:

Dressing table before shot

And this is what we had after the shelves were put up:

IKEA dressing table shelf before shot

The shelves immediately freed up a load of floor space making the room instantly feel bigger, plus my kids could no longer reach my treasured pamper possessions. But the shelves were kind of plain and didn’t really fit in with the rest of the room. We’re decorating with a deep inky blue and plenty of metallic accents, so I wanted the shelves to reflect that.

Watch the video to see how they turned out after the makeover:

(If you don’t have time to watch the video you can see a post I did on this on my family lifestyle blog). I’m really pleased with the final result and, more importantly, it makes getting ready in the mornings a LOT easier!


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