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Kids’ Room Goals at the New Great Little Trading Company Showroom

Bedroom at GLTC showroom

Shopping with the kids can be an unpleasant experience – if they’re not getting bored being taken around shop after shop, they often need a wee, then they’re hungry, then they’re thirsty, then they’re tired…. the list goes on! Shopping for kids’ furniture and home accessories is no exception, which is why we think the Great Little Trading Company Showroom, in South West London, is a total game changer.

So what is it exactly?

Great Little Trading Company has been going since 1996, when husband and wife Jamie and Annie Reeve saw a gap in the market for good quality pieces for kids that would look stylish in the family home. The couple have three kids, all now in their teens, so they know a thing or two about blending form, function and style, when it comes to children’s toys and furniture.

“When my daughter Grace was around three, she had this toy which had letters to press and each letter lit up and played a different sound,” Annie told us when we met her. “It wasn’t long before the toy was hidden away – it was so noisy!”

Now, 20 years on, Annie and Jamie have launched GLTC’s first showroom – an impressive 6,000 sq ft of retail space where customers can browse children’s furniture, family home interiors and toys with individual displays and room sets. But the genius behind this place is how much FUN it is for little ones.

Cloud bedroom at GLTC showroom

I went along to the launch event with my five year old daughter, who within mere seconds of walking through the door, was serving up imaginary afternoon tea to her mum in the tea room area. Minutes later, she was a shopkeeper at the market stall, before whizzing around the showroom on a small red car, and then settling down at a play table with toy cars and buses.


As far as a shopping experience goes, there’s no chance of your children getting bored here. And when it comes to surprise toilet requests, the showroom is kitted out with spacious customer loos and baby changing facilities (bonus points for Aesop soap in there!). So you can shop for smart storage for toys, books and clothes, children’s bedroom furniture and bedding, curtains and rugs, desks and desk accessories, dressing tables and toys – in a totally stress-free environment.

Dinosaur bedroom

“We’re so excited to welcome visitors to our new home” says CEO Jamie. “Everything we make is both beautiful and useful. Storage works, furniture adapts to the needs of a growing family and toys are made to be played with for years to come. We’re incredibly proud of our reputation, and our award-winning products, and our first ever UK store will showcase the quality of our huge range in an inspirational way.”

Our favourite Great Little Trading Co products

Townhouse Shelves GLTC

 Townhouse Wall Shelves, £35


Play shop and Theatre, £105


Merlin high sleeper with desk, £980


The Great Little Trading Co’s Showroom is at 12 Buckhold Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 4GP. Parking is available across the road at the Southside Shopping Centre (and there’s a great Costa Coffee in there, if you fancy coffee and cake after your visit!). Opening hours are 9.30 – 6.00 Monday to Saturday, 11.00 – 5.00 pm Sunday.


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