How to Make Your Kitchen Gleam

This post isn’t about cleaning (if it was, it would be a very short post!). No, this post is about all those finishing touches that can make all the difference in the kitchen. We’re talking handles, bright accessories and tiny little extra details you might not think about at first.

There are so many ways you can add personality and character to a kitchen, without having to go all-in for a total remodel. Finishing touches are easy ways to either spruce up an existing space or add a bit of extra magic to a brand new kitchen.

DIY kitchen makeover

1. Handles

First up – and probably the easiest of all finishing touches to consider – is a set of replacement handles. Bespoke kitchen designer Harvey Jones recommends really thinking about the style and finished look you want to achieve with your kitchen. For example, dress up the Shaker range with cup pulls and metal knobs for the beginnings of a Farmhouse style kitchen. Or add sleek steel bar handles for a more contemporary look.

For a hit of metallic (and to instantly update a kitchen) you could invest in some handles from designer of the moment Buster and Punch – check out the kitchen makeover at The Pink House to see them in action. (And for more copper kitchen inspiration check out this feature I wrote for EKBB Magazine recently – that kitchen is EVERYTHING.)

2. Quirky storage

There’s something so satisfying about clever storage solutions, don’t you think? Or perhaps I need to get out more. Either way, if you’re challenged for space – and even if you’re not – it’s worth thinking about creative ways to get the maximum storage potential out of your kitchen. Hang a rod along the window, for example, to hang saucepans and utensils from. Or install a shelf along the top of a doorway for casserole pots and saucepans. If you’re a wine buff, invest in a wine drawer like the one photographed at the top of this post, or consider installing hooks on the inside of cupboards for saucepan lids or extra utensils.

3. Art

It’s so easy to see the kitchen as a functional space that doesn’t deserve to be prettied up in the same way as the other rooms in your house. But if you really consider it, you probably spend more time in your kitchen than, say, your bedroom (awake, anyway), so why not dress it up with all the trimmings in just the way you do everywhere else?

Art is a quick and easy way to add personality and colour to your kitchen. We love the range of affordable posters at Desenio, and I even have some of these in my own kitchen, seen in the background of this photo:

Kitchen art

4. Beautiful appliances

OK, so you may not be in the market for a sleek Gaggenau oven or a stylish SMEG fridge, but you could always splash out on a colourful kettle and matching toaster, if you want to instantly give a bit of finishing touch love to your kitchen.

5. Interesting materials

I wrote an article for EKBB magazine recently about a beautiful kitchen overlooking the Gower pensinsula in Wales. The thing that made this kitchen really special was the mixture of materials used to finish the space. A combination of concrete, stainless steel and walnut gave the room a rustic yet sleek feel, really complementing and prioritising the outside space, which was the real hero in this room.

It’s a great example of how switching around materials in a kitchen can have a dramatic effect. Maybe you can’t afford a total kitchen overhaul, but could you stretch to a new worktop, for example? Maybe swap out the tired laminate one for an oak finish or – if you’re feeling bold – polished concrete or marble? These are the things that make all the difference in a kitchen and can give it a new lease of life without going for a whole remodel.


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kitchen finishing touches - how to add character and personality to your kitchen


Thanks to Harvey Jones for working with us on this post. For more information about how we work with brands, check out our Advertising page.


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