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How to Make your own Snow Globe

DIY snow globe

DIY snow globe

Today we’ve got a beautiful festive DIY for you from the very talented Suzanne at And Ruby Makes Four. If you haven’t yet come across Suzanne’s blog you have a treat in store – it’s a treasure trove of interiors inspiration, lifestyle tips and creative How To’s. In this post, Suzanne shows us how to make a cute DIY snow globe. It’s something you can do on your own or, if you’re feeling brave, something you can take on with the kids for a fun Christmassy craft activity.

Over to Suzanne…

I’m hopelessly sentimental, and I can’t bear to throw away little bits and bobs that have played a bit part in special occasions. Our wedding cake topper is no different, so I came up with a quick craft to turn our little figurines into an extra special Christmas Snow-globe decoration.

wedding cake

You will need:

  • Figurines you’d like to show off
  • A glass jar to match the size of your figurines
  • Glitter
  • Glycerine
  • Superglue
  • Spray paint in the colour of your choice
  • Distilled Water

Image 5, glitter & glycerin

First of all I had to find a glass jar that was the perfect size for our little figurines…not as easy as you’d think! Once tracked down I boiled the jar in hot water, removing the labels, making sure I gave it a good clean at the same time.

Once completely dry I braved the very chilly outdoors (Safety first!) and spray painted the outside of the lid gold, protecting our patio with a sheet of newspaper. The first layer looked a little patchy, but twenty minutes drying time and a subsequent second coat finished the job perfectly.

Image 1, Prep

Image 2, lid spraypaint

As soon as the paint was completely dry a few hours later I started to create my little snow-scene. I applied a thin layer of superglue to the inside of the lid, sprinkling white glitter over the top to create frost topped ground for our figurines to stand on.

Image 3, glitter

This is where I got slightly obsessive, trying to find the perfect positions for my Lego bride and groom. After several tweaks I placed the glass jar over the lid just to double check everything would fit in nicely, and once completely happy I superglued the base of the figures in place.

Image 4, figurine position

Ready to put my snow-globe together I then placed the jar on its base, adding a couple of capfuls of glycerine and two teaspoons of glitter (Add a little more or less depending on the size of your jar) The glycerine ensures the glitter stay suspended when you shake the jar, rather than quickly sinking to the bottom.

I then filled the jar to the brim with the distilled water, and quickly placed the lid and figurines over the top. I gave the jar a quick shake to check I was happy with the glitter and glycerine ratios and then once perfected I quickly removed the lid, adding a layer of superglue before replacing.

Twist the lid on as tightly as you possibly can, and then your snow-globe is complete and ready to display.

Image 7, Finished Snowglobe 2

Our little Lego mini-me’s are the perfect size for a mantle-piece sized snow-globe, and I love that we can bring them back out every Christmas rather than hide them away in a dusty box on top of our wardrobe.

Really simple, follow the above instructions and you could turn any special figurine into a snow-globe. Perhaps even surprising someone with one as an extra special homemade gift!


Want to make this yourself? Pin it for later!

How to make your own DIY Snow Globe


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