Making the Most of Your Photographs with Cheerz

How to make the most of your photographs, with

How to make the most of your photographs, with

As a blogger I am an obsessive photographer. My hard drive is full to the brim with images that I love, but because I take so many these days, the thought of printing any of them is just too overwhelming – a major task that I’ve earmarked for some future day when I will be less busy (ha!). It makes me sad that it’s only me that ever sees these, and my holiday memories and family shots are just pixels in the ether (or wherever it is that pixels live).

When Cheerz asked if we would like to review their photograph printing service, I jumped at the chance. I had been put in charge of the cottage décor at my little sister’s hen weekend, and my plan included a few silly snaps of her around the place. I realised some prints from Cheerz would be absolutely perfect for the job, but I was a bit concerned it might take me hours, because my photographs of my sister are in a million different folders on my computer. I needn’t have worried – Cheerz can sync with your Facebook, Instagram, Google or your computer, and it is really quick and simple to select the photographs you want. You can then edit them, add filters, and add text or coloured borders (or just keep them white or black) before adding them to your basket. I chose the Cheerz Box – 45 prints in a cute little keepsake box, priced at £13 plus £3 postage.

My idea was to string them up on fairy lights around the cottage, to add light and a cosy look, as well as an entertaining display for my sister and her hens. I bought a few strands of cheap fairy lights and stapled a picture onto them at intervals. I initially tried mini clothes pegs which were much cuter but alas, the pictures kept falling off because the strands were too thick, but the staples worked really well and were virtually invisible.


When we arrived at the cottage I tasked my other sister (the tall one of the family) to help me stick the lights up around the room. The end effect, if I do say so myself, was fantastic, and my sister’s friends loved looking at all the crazy photos of her (it turns out I have a lot!). It also transformed the huge, quite bare room into something much more cosy and cute, much more appropriate for a hen party.


It looked especially effective over supper as it started to get dark, with the reflections of the fairy lights in the huge windows.


At the end of the weekend I took the photos off the lights and gave my sister the box full of prints – an amazing memento from her hen weekend!


Having browsed their site and realised how quick, easy and affordable it is to use, I am now dreaming up other ways to immortalise my photos. I am planning a photobook for each holiday, and after my wedding in the summer I will do a few of the Big Day to give to our parents and grandparents. If you like what I did with my photographs you can even buy their Wedding Decoration box which includes string and pegs (though I preferred the fairy lights to string) to make it really easy. They also do posters and magnets as well as simple prints, so there are lots of different ways to make the most of your photographs.

Thank you so much Cheerz for supplying the photographs for the hen party, and for prompting me to finally start displaying my photos in beautiful and creative ways.

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  • Reply Beth Walker May 24, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    This is a great idea! I was looking for hen do ideas for my best friend that is getting married soon but she’s pretty low key. A garland with pictures of all her friends is a great idea to decorate the house and then she can have it as a keepsake after.

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