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Chloe Rutherford cushions

Here at Roost we love to find out about new, up-and-coming designers and champion creatives dedicated to making beautiful, unique pieces for the home. There’s something really special about discovering a new brand that not many others have heard of yet, don’t you think?

Fashion and textile designer Chloe Rutherford is definitely one to watch in the world of textiles. With her bright, bold designs and love of colour, Chloe’s patterns will be a big hit with the colour lovers amongst us.

We caught up with Chloe to find out a bit more about how she became a textile designer in the first place, what inspires her creative work and what we can expect to see from her burgeoning brand in the future.


How did you become a textile designer? Tell us a bit about your background.

I’ve always been creative, although I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with that creativity until I went to college. It was there that I realised I didn’t enjoy academic subjects as much as creative ones. At A’ Level I studied Art, Textiles, Physics and History, which was quite a mix, but that broad range of subjects let me decide for sure that I wanted to pursue a career in textile design. After college I went to Central Saint Martins and Winchester School of Art to study textile design.

What do you love about textile design?

I love that it can be about anything. I can choose whatever subject I want to study, then paint a picture of how I see it. It can be as outlandish or as commercial as I want it to be, and can portray any number of feelings or topics. I love making paintings to hang on a wall, but the thing I love most about textiles and fashion is that you can wear your art. It’s a real expression of personality and style. It feels like a totally different process because you constantly have to think about fabric qualities and – with fashion – where you place patterns on the body to create the look.

Chloe Rutherford Sketchbook page

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I mostly find my inspiration from the natural world, with florals and sea life. My past projects have often been making a statement about current problems, such as pollution and overfishing, for example. My collections are always full of colour with a cartoon-like style, which is a look that I’ve developed over the past few years. I’m also inspired by youth culture, geometrics, food, cakes and space – quite a large spectrum of ideas!

Tell us a bit about your creative process and work space.

I start off by researching my chosen subject. I go to libraries and exhibitions and look at articles, pictures and designs – anything that inspires me really. I have a room in my house dedicated to creating art. It tends to get a bit cluttered and disorganised, but I have a lot of creative friends whose work spaces are the same! I do a lot of digital work these days because I don’t have access to the screenprinting equipment I used at university. The digital medium is also one I can fit around my internships and other jobs. This has influenced my work in that I’ve been using other techniques such as applique, embridery and beading to create interesting patterns on fabric.

What’s the most exciting thing to happen since you started working as a textile designer?

I only graduated last year so I’m still in the process of getting my designs out there. I’m getting great feedback from potential stockists, cafes and exhibitions and last year I had some designs taken to a big textile fair in Germany which was pretty exciting. I also find social media has been a big player in spurring me on to create more designs.

Chloe Rutherford Tropical Cushion

Where can our readers buy your designs?

You can take a look at my website where I take commissions. I also have a shop selling some of my work. And you can keep up with new designs by following me on Instagram and Facebook.


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Bold and bright textiles by Chloe Rutherford


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