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Like lots of people, I discovered a new-found love of my home when I became a parent. Although I’d always been a bit obsessed by stylish interiors (Changing Rooms was my favourite programme as a kid, seriously), it wasn’t until I became a mum and was pretty much chained to my sofa feeding a newborn from morning til night that I started to really appreciate that wonderful sense of satisfaction at being in a safe, cosy, loving environment that’s home.

Everyone tells you how having kids ruins your house – they smear paint on the sofa, stamp toast crumbs into the carpet and peel wallpaper off the walls. Like every other parent I know I have my fair share of tales of woe from when one or other of my daughters has wrecked something in my house, or thrown their toys all over the floor when I’ve just tidied up. But this doesn’t mean I’ve given up – far from it. Having kids has made me find a new motivation to create a loving and stylish space to call home.

The Roost team aren’t the only parents to feel this way. When we asked fellow Instagrammers to share snaps of corners of their home and tag them with #MyRoost to celebrate the launch of the site and our Instagram account (@Roostblog) this week, we were met with lots of inspirational interiors that showed stylish family living at its best.

My Roost collage

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for interiors ideas. Here are three #MyRoost photos we loved…

This picture of @hanbullivant‘s living room is a great example of beautiful rustic touches alongside clean, contemporary lines. The pile of logs and pretty wreath contrasts with the industrial style light and the fresh, bright white walls provide a great backdrop for the statement art and prints.Β  Check out Hannah’s blog Seeds and Stitches for more styling inspiration.

This picture by @emilyandmore shows that boys’ bedrooms don’t have to be blue. Check out the cute retro style green lamp and bright yellow bed frame against the monochrome sheets. This is one stylish kids’ bedroom. An avid crafter who can often be found Instagramming a crochet or embroidery project, Emily blogs at Mummy Limited.

Discussing the major desk overhaul I undertook recently. More on the blog, link in profile👆

A photo posted by Kathryn (@katgotthecream) on

Finally, this picture of @katgotthecream‘s desk after a mini makeover is one for the clutter-phobes. The clean white walls, statement black desk lamp and stylish print on a clipboard create a clean, minimalist look. If you work from home (and don’t have to share your work space with the kids) this could be one to inspire you. Check out Kat’s blog – Kat Got The Cream – for more interiors inspiration.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our #MyRoost Instagram challenge, we loved seeing all the gorgeous pictures.

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