How to Easily Add Personality to your Garden

How to Easily Add Personality to Your Garden |

When you move into a new home that needs a bit of work, the garden is always the last priority. Even if you’ve been living somewhere a while, we all know they can quickly become unloved spaces, especially given the British weather that really only lets us use the space half of the year. But they needn’t end up that nemesis on the bottom of your to-do list that never gets done. With these tips you can brighten up your…

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New for Spring – the Best of the High Street

I’m going to call it. It’s spring! Which means we can wave hello to a whole new season of interiors goodies, even though the weather outside still can’t make up its mind. We’ve had a good look around at some of our favourite high street brand’s new offerings and can now show you some of the best SS17 interiors picks around. HABITAT: Habitat’s SS17 game is, unsurprisingly, strong. Full of mid-centuryesque shapes, industrial touches and bright colours, in my opinion the best…

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ROOST MAKES Upcycle ideas

How to Upcycle an Old Mirror into a Pretty Window Mirror

One of the things I very optimistically added to my Christmas List was a beautiful window mirror from Cox & Cox, but alas, Father Christmas obviously thought I misbehaved a little too much in 2016. © Cox & Cox Given that I have a couple of ugly mirrors lying around my home waiting to be found a place taken to the charity shop, as well as wood trim leftover from our bedroom renovation, I decided to try and DIY one. It was actually…

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How to Make Your Kitchen Gleam

This post isn’t about cleaning (if it was, it would be a very short post!). No, this post is about all those finishing touches that can make all the difference in the kitchen. We’re talking handles, bright accessories and tiny little extra details you might not think about at first. There are so many ways you can add personality and character to a kitchen, without having to go all-in for a total remodel. Finishing touches are easy ways to either…

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