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ROOST MAKE: An Upcycled Apple Crate Shoe Rack

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OK, so the whole apple crate thing isn’t anything new, but there’s a certain rustic charm to an upcycled apple crate, especially if it’s one that’s been found gathering dust at the back of a garden shed (true story).

Apple crates can provide a cheap storage solution in a busy family home and – let’s face it – any help we can get with storage has to be a winner. In this particular case we’re talking shoes. Keep your shoes tidy and avoid them piling up in the hallway with a bespoke apple crate shoe rack that takes just minutes to make.

How to make an apple crate shoe rack

  1. Source two apple crates, ideally of the same size.
  2. Drill four holes in the top of one of the apple crates and the bottom of the other, being careful to make sure the holes all line up.
  3. Bolt the crates together.
  4. If you have more time and want more storage, add a shelf to the middle of each crate (you can do this by nailing a piece of wood halfway up the inside of each crate and balancing a shelf on top of the wood).
  5. Depending on the type of finish you want you can leave the crates untreated or varnish, wax or paint them.

Here are some more ways to create shoe storage out of apple crates…

Apple crate shoe racks1. Wall storage bins, via Decor Hacks

2. Shoe storage pallets, via Pouted

3. Rustic shelves, via Arbitrary Inclination

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