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ROOST MAKES: A Wooden Pallet Shoe Rack

Wooden pallet shoe rack

Can we just take a moment to discuss the dull but very necessary matter of storage in a family home? No matter what size your house is or how many people live there, storage always seems to be an issue.

In our house we’re constantly battling against the incoming tide of tiny plastic toys, Hama beads and toddler “jewels” (i.e. pebbles) that get brought into the house. The kids have So. Much. Stuff it makes finding anything in the sea of tat nigh on impossible.

And so storage is key to a happy, harmonious, sane family home. As Back to School date looms next week I’ve been attempting to get organised and storage has been a key theme. One of my biggest bug bears is discarded shoes left lying around the house. They inevitably end up being stacked up the stairs waiting to go into respective bedrooms, or get kicked off by the front door ready to trip up unsuspecting visitors.

The solution? A DIY shoe rack upcycled from a wooden pallet:

Wooden pallet shoe rack organiser

I’m hoping that armed with a shoe rack to organise a few pairs of shoes we won’t end up doing the “Where are your school shoes?” dance come Monday morning. A mother can dream…

Step 1: Source your pallet

You can pick up wooden pallets from many places, including recycling centres, furniture shops, building sites and supermarkets. Basically, if they take in large deliveries of things there’s a high chance they’ll have a store of wooden pallets lying around somewhere. Don’t be shy – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

step one wooden pallet

Step 2: Prep your pallet

Now you need to decide if you’re going to keep your pallet full sized or cut it down. In our case, we decided to cut the pallet down to half the original size so that it would easily fit on a gap of wall in our office (a converted utility room off the kitchen at the back of the house).

sawing the pallet

After we’d cut the pallet down to size I roughly sanded the edges and the surface to smooth it down before painting.

Step 3: Add a shelf

We decided we wanted a small shelf at the top of the pallet rack to display pretty plants and home accessories. We also wanted to add a shelf just underneath the top rack to hold larger shoes in place. We used off cut bits of pallet from the side we’d sawed off and simply screwed these into place using a drill.

drilling a pallet

Step 4: Paint your pallet

Once you’ve got your pallet in the right shape and you’re shoe rack is nearly ready to go, you need to think about the finish. Will you keep the wood untreated and go for a rustic effect? Will you paint it multicoloured? Will you varnish it? There’s a myriad of opportunities to make a statement here. We opted to paint the side panels and front of shelf panels white, to blend in with the wall, but to keep the back slots natural and untreated to echo the wood panelling on part of our ceiling.

Pallet shoe rack

I’m pleased with the finished effect. It’s practical but not intrusive. More importantly, it was a quick and easy make that we managed to finish during the toddler’s nap time.

Now here’s hoping we never lose a pair of shoes two minutes before we need to leave the house again…


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How to make a shoe rack out of a wooden pallet. A quick and easy DIY project!

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    This is a brilliant idea, I am obsessed with things you can do with pallets, I have a whole board dedicated to it xx

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