Ask The Florist: Keeping It Simple

Flowers in jam jars

You may be surprised to learn that as a florist my house is not groaning in vases of luxurious flowers; I am in actual fact, the queen of the leftover bloom. A few stems of this, a couple of that, not to mention the single stem that broke off too short and was just too pretty to throw away.

I’ve a nice stash of pretty vases as you’d imagine as an event florist, but I prefer to keep flowers for my home quite simple. I’ve lots of little bottles and a miscellany of pretty tea cups and junk shop cut glass finds which I like to use in clusters along my mantles in both the sitting and dining rooms.

Flowers in bottles

I also occasionally utilise nice old fashioned jam jars, golden syrup tins and, on occasion, have even saved some funky soup tins because I liked the label design. I sometimes even dot these down the middle of my kitchen table for a simple relaxed informal floral touch when cooking supper for friends. I don’t want to make it look like I’ve tried too hard – mostly because I haven’t plus I don’t really have the time!

Take one wrap of flowers (that’s just ten or twelve stems) which could be as little as a few pounds and hopefully will not break the bank. If you have a local florist maybe go and pay them a visit and limit yourself to ten or so single stems of whatever you fancy. They will have so much more choice than the supermarket, but these will do just as well. I’d suggest given the time of year, a simple bunch of tulips; for me the bright jewel like ones are always a winner, but a single colour such as cool minimal white or a pretty pink work just as well according to your preferences, the room and the ambience you want to create.

Flowers in a glass bottle

Get yourself a few bottles – you don’t necessarily have to buy these, rather upcycle a trendy beer bottle or those retro coloured drinking glasses or pop bottles (I have been known to take my empties home from an Indian Restaurant once or twice when the bottle design has caught my eye)!

Drop your chosen single stems into these bottles and place along the mantle or table et voila! One wrap goes quite a long way, maybe save a few from the bunch to place on a table in the room thus co-ordinating the table with the mantle.Flowers on mantelpiece

If you have a garden, you could snip the odd flower from here without causing too much of a gap in the border displays. Daffodils work well right now as does a branch of blossom.

The tulips keep on growing so may need a snip and a top up of water in the vase every day or so. Personally, I quite like it when they start bowing over the mantle all leggy and fully in bloom.

Have a look in your cupboards to see what vessels might work in different rooms, check out second-hand shops and jumble sales for quirky containers that set off a simple single stem, the combinations are endless.

What are your favourite ways to display flowers in your home? Don’t forget to share any pics you take with us over on Instagram (we’re at @roostblog) and tag your photo #MyRoost so we can see!


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