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ROOST MAKES: Super Easy DIY Hammered Metal Coasters


I love hammered metal; I love the trays from the H&M US site, the plant pots I’ve seen on Pinterest, and the endless bowls holding everything from fruit to jewellery. This week, I’ve turned my latest homeware obsession into a nifty little tutorial – easy peasy DIY hammered metal coasters.


You Will Need:

White FIMO

Round cookie cutters in a selection of sizes

Something with a rounded end – I used a clay tool, but found the end of a pen worked just as well

A sheet of cork

Plastikote Fast Dry Enamel Spray Paint in Copper

Strong glue


1. Start by rolling your FIMO out so it’s really thin – I’m talking around 3mm.

2. Cut out some circle shapes with your cookie cutters – I did a couple of giant ones, and a few regular sized ones.

3. Using your clay tool, press gently but firmly into the clay – you need to work in circles, starting at the edge and moving towards the centre. This creates the hammered effect.

4. Heat your circles in an oven according to the instructions, and allow to cool thoroughly.

5. In a well ventilated area, spray your circles copper using the enamel paint. Start with the underside, allow to dry, and then repeat for the top.


6. Using slightly smaller cookie cutters, trace circle shapes onto the cork and cut them out. Spread thinly with glue, and place onto the bottom of your coasters, then weigh down with a heavy book until dry.


7. Stand back, and admire!



Pin it for later – a weekend project maybe?

Hammered Metal Coaster Tutorial

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  • Reply Pete December 8, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    nice copper accent, and easy to make 🙂

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