Team Roost 2017 #Homegoals

home goals 2017

There’s nothing like a fresh page to make you take stock, evaluate and plan, plan and plan some more.  I caught up with some of team Roost to find out what 2017 holds for their homes and what #homegoals they’re setting for this year…

Molly’s #homegoals

home goals 2017

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After some big renovation projects in our home in 2016, 2017 is about the snagging jobs and mini room makeovers. Our next project is our eldest’s bedroom – we want to replace her bed with a cabin bed and install a sofa bed underneath so we have a place for guests to stay and she has somewhere for friends to sleep when she has a sleepover. We also want to create a proper work space in her room with a decent desk and a storage area for her growing collection of Lego!

Anna’s #homegoals

home goals 2017

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2016 saw the complete overhaul of our upstairs, changing the layout, adding a home office, and totally redoing our bedroom and bathroom. None of this is completely finished yet, so the first job is to crack on with all the little tasks that remain, whilst planning our major project for the year – knocking down the downstairs loo and replacing it with an extension off of the dining room, to create an open-plan kitchen diner! The old kitchen will become a utility and downstairs loo. And we have a super tight budget and even tighter timeframe for all this, so it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride!

Pamela’s #homegoals

home goals 2017

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Last year was a bit of a fail on the interiors front.  So many projects taken to a ‘livable’ standard, but not 100% finished.  So 2017 I am determined to ‘finish, finish’ what we started in 2016.  Certain rooms need statment pieces to finish them off.  I’m glued to selling sites looking for an old style cinema bench for the front hall.  Besides the odd jobs, we still have the living room (currently a junk room) to renovate.  We have the skirtings and even new sofas (which are still in their plastics from 2015)…so that would be the cherry on top of our 2017 #homegoals if we could get that ‘finished, finished’ or I’ll settle for ‘livable’.  Of course, it’s taken us so long to progress the renovations, we are now have to consider carpet cleaning here for those that were laid 3 years ago to get that pristine finish back.

If you have any #homegoals, let us know on twitter using the tag, or in the comments below!

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  • Reply Anna International January 16, 2017 at 11:31 am

    Ha, yikes, this scares me even just reading it back! A lot to do! What strikes me though is that all three of us have things we have almost done, but not quite. Why is it so hard to do those last little bits? I mean, we whipped through plumbing in the new bathroom and getting the electrics done, because we needed a functional loo and shower, but when it comes to the final coat of paint or building the cupboard in the corner, it is so hard to get motivated, because it’s good enough as it is! If I didn’t have the necessity of writing a ‘reveal’ blog post at the end of my room renovations, I would probably never finish them! Anyone any tips on how to motivate yourself to finish jobs?! 🙂 x

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