Top Tips for Getting your Garden Summer-Ready



OK, so you might be looking out of the window at hail and snow, but spring and summer will definitely be here soon which means it’s a good time to start getting your outdoor space ready for whatever the warmer months might have in store.

Invest in somewhere to sit

Whether you’ve got a tiny balcony, or a huge piece of land that goes on for miles, one of the best things about having an outdoor space is that you’ve got somewhere to just sit and ‘be’. If you’re looking to invest in new garden furniture this year, you’re going to be spoiled for choice. Retailers are stocking everything from traditional loungers and sunbeds, to hung chairs and hammocks – even the traditional deckchair has been given a modern revival. For anyone who likes to eat or work outdoors, a table and chairs are a must. Patios and balconies are usually big enough to hold a bistro set, while bigger spaces could take advantage of the bench-and-table design – much easier to cram people on the end!

Make the most of small spaces with smart storage

If you’ve not got a huge shed, it can be difficult finding places to store bulky garden items such as tools, toys and gardening equipment, but there are loads of products just waiting to solve your storage woes. Traditional wooden storage chests can be painted bright colours, and then turned into extra seating with a few cushions, and outdoor shelving is ideal for keeping those extra plant pots.

Get involved with growing

Growing things in your garden is brilliant for three reasons. Firstly, it looks amazing when everything is green and colourful. Secondly, it means you have instant access to fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers, which are always going to be better than their shop-bought alternatives. And thirdly, you get to help the environment a little bit – which is always a win. Even if you’ve got hardly any space, you can plant a few seeds – if you’ve got a balcony, add some shelves and a small greenhouse, while anyone with a patio area can have fun with pots of different sizes and colours. Look up for extra space, as well – sweetpeas, beans and peas all love to scramble up supports such as plant ladders and trellises, while crops like strawberries and tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets.


The most fun part of organising any space is the accessorising at the end, and I think this is the same in the garden. Once you’ve got your furniture and plants sorted, the fun can begin; rugs, cushions and blankets are all great for creating anything from a den to somewhere to nap, while brightly coloured plant pots can make an interesting display of their own. For the evenings, try hanging solar lights from trees, walls and fence posts to add a rosy glow, or choose from metal or wicker lantern- style tealight holders to dot around the garden.


1. Various plant stands from IKEA

2. Candle lantern, H&M

3. Woven lantern, Habitat

4. Linea Regatta outdoor dining range, House of Fraser

5. Wooden planter, Wayfair

6. Solar lamp, IKEA

7. Linea Amazon outdoor dining range, House of Fraser

8. Outdoor rug, Houseology

9. Hanging nest chair, Garden Trading (not available until July 2016)

10. Floral seat pad, H&M

11. Ceramic plant pots, Wayfair

12. Bistro set, Garden Trading at Houseology





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