Teen Room Inspiration: Back to the 80s

GEO Aqua Green Desk Clock

CREDIT: The Aqua Geo green desk clock by AMINDY

When I was a teenager I had very clear ideas about what I wanted from my bedroom. It needed to be bright, fun and stylish. Not much has changed, really.

If I was a teen these days I’d be all over the 80s trend we’re seeing in many of the AW16 interiors collections. It’s bold and doesn’t take itself too seriously – the perfect trend for a style savvy teen’s bedroom (although I’m sure most teens would roll their eyes at “style savvy”. Sorry, I’m such a mum.)

Very Off Beat range

The new Off Beat range by Very (above) is a fun, bright and bold offering full of 80s vibes and sharp shapes. Geometric prints abound, along with a candy coloured palette and just the right amount of clashing pattern.

La Redoute bedding

The Genia printed duvet set by La Redoute, from Β£23, is a great way to embrace the 80s trend in style. Those sweet hues are back again, along with the geometric shapes. Team with brilliant white walls for extra contrast (and to hedge your bets for any new trends that might be around the corner).

Style tips:

  • Avoid teen bedroom clutter with some stylish storage. The Firth printed storage boxes at Habitat (currently reduced to Β£24) are a great way to keep the mess out of sight while ticking the 80s geometric box at the same time.
  • Use textiles to make a statement. Habitat’s also a winner in this department with their PETO multi-coloured patterned wool rug. Team together with some bold bedding but keep your walls white to avoid total pattern meltdown.
  • Cacti are a teen’s friend. The greenery will soften those harsh edges but keep the overall look quirky and fun but, most importantly, they’re a hardy plant that can survive pretty happily in most conditions – even a teenager’s bedroom.


Here are some of our favourite 80s-esque interiors picks from independent sellers online – you’re just one click away from the 80s look of dreams!



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PicMonkey Collage bed

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