TREND WATCH: Peruvian Perfection

Cabana rug Habitat

There’s bright and colourful, and then there’s bright and colourful Peruvian style. We’ve seen a huge influx of Peruvian inspired interiors looks over the past few months, from all-out colour mania to simple additions like an artfully placed textile in a whitewashed home. Whatever way you decide to embrace the trend, know there’s nothing more kid-friendly and colourful than a splash of Peruvian gorgeousness in a family home.

I guess, for me, the Peruvian look lends itself perfectly to a home full of old and new pieces, with a love of plants, colour and that laid-back boho vibe. I’m thinking whitewashed walls with beautiful tapestries, a simple sofa with a few carefully chosen Peruvian style cushions, rustic wooden furniture and a more is more approach to accessories. This is not the comfort seat of minimalist lovers.

If you want to add a splash of Peruvian inspired colour to your room you could do far worse than invest in this gorgeous Cabana rug from Habitat (pictured above), currently reduced to £206 (from £295). Textiles are probably the most obvious way to go with the trend – and there’s nothing like the delicious surprise of colour on the floor. (This rug from La Redoute, from £95, also does the job.)

If you can sew, there’s a plethora of Peruvian fabric to be had online, with Etsy (as ever) the source of some of the most interesting. I love the offering from Etsy shop PeruPeru and there are also some beautiful pieces for sale at Andean Shop.

If you’re still hankering for Peruvian inspo, a first class lesson in stylish Peruvian interiors can be seen at the luxe Belmond Palacio Nazarenos hotel in Cuzco (ranked number 1 of 160 hotels in Cuzo according to TripAdvisor). This place is A-list with a capital A, with oxygen pumped into each of its luxuriously decorated 55 suites to help combat altitude sickness. But the decor is still typically Peruvian – brightly striped tapestries sit against neutral colour palettes while ornate wooden furniture contrasts with raw stone walls. It’s luxe with an earthy edge. Perfectly Peruvian, 2016 style.

If you want to get in on the Peruvian action then here are some of our favourite pieces sourced from independent retailers around the web, available for sale via our very own Roost Shop:

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